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Seattle exterminators Fighting Bedbug Infestation rising from increasing travel

Seattle Fighting Bedbug infestation:

It can be very devastating to find that Bedbugs have landed in Seattle homes and businesses. Nobody wants the little vampires feeding on the people's blood. It can be a horrifying and  embarrassing situation. Currently, Seattle residents and Commercial businesses are being attacked by bedbugs. Numerous infestations are being reported and steadily growing. As a result pest control is in huge demand in Seattle and surrounding cities.

Bedbugs alive and well in Seattle:

The coin phrase “Don’t let the bedbugs bite” is not happening in Seattle. Quite the contrary. The nasty pests made it to the EPA’s list  for rising populations. The nasty bugs have joined other insects such as  cockroaches, mosquitoes  and even lice on the EPA list. Bedbug infestation has been feeding on humans and animals for years. The homeowners question is how to get rid of bedbugs. The answer lies in the hands of a professional and experienced bedbug control eliminator. The homeowner did a search online and opted for AMPM Exterminators.

Year round travel brings cockroaches:

Bed bug infestations are being reported in Seattle in high numbers. High holiday travel season is here and people are getting ready to get out of town.  The pests can and will hitch rides both on and in suitcases, garment bags, totes and even purses. The travelers are unaware if the accommodations chosen are infested or not. That is the chance people take when staying in hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts etc. Travel is a huge reason for getting bed bug infestations and once inside the population will explode. Just like thieves in the night and day the hunt is on for human and animal blood. This type of infestation will not go away by killing a few as more are in hiding. First thing to do would be to positively identify the insect. Take a photo and send online to the pest control chosen for verification. In this case the homeowner chose AMPM Exterminators.

AMPM Exterminators identified the bedbugs:

The owner did go online and sent photos of the bugs via email to AMPM Exterminators. Included  with the photos were important details of locations where the bedbugs were being seen in the home. The black stains on sheets and bedding were huge clues. The homeowner saw the adult bed bugs that were reddish brown, flat and wingless. An important fact to know and remember is that once a bedbug has eaten it swells up and turns deep red. This was one of the pieces of information shared by the owner to a AMPM Exterminators technician that verified the infestation.

The customer received a return call from an AMPM Exterminators professional. The  experienced technician walked the owner through the preparation stages for the service. The steps had to be followed to a tee to get ready for the bed bug exterminator service. Vacuuming the entire home was necessary to pick up bed bugs and it's eggs. All mattresses would need to be vacuumed along with bed frames and headboards.  Baseboards and anything  near the beds also had to be vacuumed.  Bed bugs dwell in fabric furniture so any chairs, sofas or ottomans in the rooms would need to be vacuumed.  After the completion of vacuuming was done the vacuum bag had to be put in a plastic bag, sealed and put outside in the garbage immediately.

Laundry washed, bagged and labeled along with other items in the home:

Clothes and bedding  were to be washed in very hot water and dried on high 20 minutes plus. The professional pest control technician also  suggested to do the laundry at a laundromat. Once the laundry was done it was stressed to the owner the need to bag all pieces in plastic bags, sealed, dated and marked washed. Also after laundering the bedding and pillows had to be sealed in plastic bags once and marked washed and dated. There are specially made bed bug cover bags  to put headboards and mattresses into and sealed. The ideal  made bags can be found at hardware stores. Getting rid of clutter and throwing out things that are not being used is crucial. It is very to important to remember  that when the residents come back to the home to change in a designated area such as the bathroom. Do the laundry as soon as possible and follow the recommended steps.  Closets had to  emptied and all contents bagged. It is critical  that AMPM Exterminators technicians preparation  steps are followed precisely as given. Otherwise the pest control technician would have to start the entire process all over again. Time is of the essence. AMPM Exterminators provided successful treatments and the homeowner was elated with the service.  Bedbugs be gone.

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When bed bugs are found in one apartment unit, it is considered standard practice in the pest control industry to inspect all apartments surrounding the infested apartment. If no bed bugs are found, surrounding apartments do not necessarily need to be treated. But if an adjacent apartment is found infested, it should be treated and all adjacent apartments should also be inspected
Bed bugs are occasionally introduced into an apartment via luggage that has become infested from a hotel or hostel. In apartment complexes, it is probably more common for bed bugs to enter a home from a nearby infested apartment, during moving, or through picking up used or recycled furniture or mattresses. Once introduced into an apartment building, bed bugs can readily spread from one infested unit to another. How much should be disclosed when a building is rented
It’s a very common belief that bedbugs are typically known as being household pests. However, the pesky pests can get a ride to the office. It’s important to keep in mind that bedbugs can go wherever humans go. Not just homes but offices, grocery stores, hospitals, clinics, airports, hotels and the list goes on. Bedbug infestation extermination has increased as reported in 2015 for Seattle offices. It’s mind boggling to think of ,for example, the Columbian Tower in downtown Seattle having a bedbug problem. There are so many businesses with many employees who are in that building on a daily business. Imagine having to service all 72 floors to bust out the infestation. All the bedbugs have to do us travel through electrical sockets that are shared between offices. The pest control company would need to shut everything down for a few days. This would be stressful, cause panic and anxiety and loss of workdays for many. Not to mention the possible financial loss.
Grown bedbugs are reddish brown flat and have no wings. The pests are fast runners, oval shaped and about 4-5 mm in length. After eating, the bedbugs, will swell up and become bright red after the blood meal. Adults can survive up to 1 year and feed every 5 to 10 days. Eggs aren’t easily seen because of being off white colored and are very tiny. It’s so easy now a days just to go online to pull up a photo of anything. Be aware of what bedbugs look like because the workplace is not exempt from any type of pest infestations.
An example of how simple it is for bedbugs to infiltrate an office building would be the human travelers. A family went on the annual 3 week vacation and visited 3 different cities. But never realized that the souvenirs brought back included the pesky pests. Bedbugs hopped a ride on all pieces of luggage, garments bags and backpacks. As a result the home had become Infested. Just know that wherever the travelers were the bedbugs were sure to follow. So that’s how the critters got to the office.
It should be a natural part of any Maintenance office crew to regularly check all areas of business for indications of bed bugs infestations at work. By keeping an eye on office furniture and even the infamous cubies that are upholstered for telltale brownish or reddish spots. Beware that these pests are known to inhabit electrical sockets, surge protectors and behind picture frames. All of which are found in offices. All employees should be aware of the surroundings. De-clutter as best and often as possible. Make storage areas a must for inspections because this provides excellent hiding spots for bed bugs in the office. Unpacking new inventory or receiving shipments means checking items carefully to prevent bed bugs from getting into the office. Encourage employees to report suspicions of bed bug activity immediately.
The Eastside pest control company choice was AMPM Exterminators. The professional exterminator identified the bed bugs and made recommendations for eliminating the problem. Bedbug treatments are very intense and the extermination would have to be done thoroughly and completely. There are numerous situations where after the initial visit there may be a need for more treatments. Namely if a client does NOT follow the necessary steps to get the extermination service started. This would most definitely be the case for an office building because it would be a critical job that would involve so many people and spaces. AMPM Exterminators experienced technicians explained the steps to follow for preparation of the treatment that was going to be utilized. The service included a protocol to follow for after treatment. The emphasis was put on the fact that it is very important to follow these instructions precisely as directed. Not following the steps and recommendations would result in having to start the entire elimination process all over again. The family who decided to contact a pest control service to be rescued from the Bed Bug Infestation made a wise choice in opting for AMPM Exterminators who got the job done. Ending of the story is: Bed Bugs Found in Office and a Seattle Pest Control company Shuts It Down is a very true huge possibility. In this case it was a home but be informed now, that bed bug infestations are real and can be found in many many places other than a home. Who was called to save the day
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Experienced exterminators Know what to look for is the first step in identifying and controlling bed bugs. There are many bugs that look like bed bugs so an accurate identification is a critical first step to avoid costly treatment for the wrong bug. The types of bugs that look like bed bugs will vary somewhat depending on your region of the country, but photos and descriptions of common look-a likes have been compiled by researchers
Bed bugs are great hitchhikers moving from an infested site to a new home by traveling on furniture, bedding, luggage, boxes, and clothing. Bedbugs typically feed on blood every five to ten days, bed bugs can be quite resilient; and are capable of surviving several months to a year without feeding. Bed bug infestation will develop in an office, classroom, or other non-residential environment, but can be a transfer hubs for bed bugs .
Soon it will be one of the highest travelled season in Seattle and the nation. Thanksgiving 2016 is near. Nasty bed bugs will hop a ride to make it to destinations with the travelers. Thousands will be on the go from city to city, staying on all types of hotels, homes etc. during the holidays.
As a result of all if this travel the Bed Bugs may have hit the jackpot in getting rides. Remember that the creepy bugs can remain in whichever form of transportation is being used to travel. When the traveler has reached the destination the bedbugs can be in suitcases, garment bags, tote bags, backpacks and purses. All areas visited can be exposed and be infested with bed bugs. This holds true for when the people journey back home. Keep in mind all vehicles exposed to the bed bugs will not be exempt from infestation. Examples being trains, planes and automobiles. There is a huge chance that out if the thousands on the move during this highly travelled Season someone somewhere is going to have a Bedbug Infestation. Pest Control businesses will be kept very busy.
So many people use all types of social media and keyword searches are massive. Just type in bed bugs to identify or attempt to identify the bedbugs. Which will bring up photos and descriptions of the pests. Or course the other option would be to call a Pest Control professional. The professional bed bug exterminator will ask for a description of what has been observed. A Seattle resident found bedbugs as he unpacked his suit case after hours of travel getting home. The tan color canvas type luggage was perfect for hiding and revealed dark black like blood stains. Plus the itching was driving the guy crazy. Home sweet home became a nightmare. A Seattle Pest Control exterminator was notified immediately and the choice was AMPM Exterminators.
Mature bedbugs are flat, reddish brown and have no wings. The bugs are quick on it’s feet and after a blood meal will balloon up and turn a deeper red color. Adults can live an average of up to 1 year and eat often.
This stressed out Seattle resident learned that this Bed Bug infestation was carried back home as a result of the Thanksgiving vacation. Once the call was made to AMPM Exterminators the customer was advised to follow specific instructions for the preparation of the extermination process. These steps were to be followed to a tee, in order for the extermination to be successful. It took about 3 days to get ready and the client called inthe professional bed bug exterminator to begin the elimination process. The first thing the pest control exterminator did was to positively identify the bugs in order to begin the job.
The process began in all of the bedrooms because Bed bugs can be found about 5 feet away from beds. All bedding inspected along with the mattress, box spring and headboards. The technician was very thorough when inspecting the mattress seams on both sides and under the box spring. Of course seeing live bed bugs and bloodstains was a sure sign there was an infestation. Other areas to look for bed bugs would be living room furniture, electronics, bookshelves, anything close to the bed. All of these steps are part of the Bed Bug procedures that the Seattle Pest Control expert asked the homeowner to follow in order to take care the bed bug problem.
AMPM Exterminators, a very reputable company that gets the job done, was the choice:
The Seattle Pest Control company choice was AMPM Exterminators. Once the technician identified the invader recommendations on how to eliminate the problem were discussed. Bedbug treatments are very extreme and the extermination ha to be done thoroughly to be successful in eliminating the pests. There is always a possibility that there may be a need more than one treatment. AMPM Exterminators’ seasoned technician explained the very important steps of preparation for treatment before the treatment could begin. Also pointed out that instructions for after treatment were just as important. Emphasis being that it is very crucial to follow all instructions as directed. Not taking this seriously could result in having to start the process all over again. The client felt very confident in the decision to call AMPM Exterminators and the professionals got the job done.
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