Thursday, September 8, 2016

Experienced Bed bugs exterminators know exactly where to look and use a wide array of tools to assist them with this task.

Summer in Seattle is the highly travelled Season and little nasty bed bugs
will hitch a ride on anything to make it home with the travelers. People on
the go may travel from city to city and hotel to hotel during vacations.
Which gives Bed Bugs ample opportunity to hop a ride. It is imperative to
keep in mind that the unwanted guests will also infiltrate areas wherever
the traveler landed, like in suitcases, clothes bags, tote bags, backpacks
etc. All areas exposed will be infested with bed bugs while the
vacationers travel back to the family home. Keep in mind all vehicles
exposed to the bed bugs will not be exempt from infestation. In this case
the critters infiltrated the home in no time flat. The homeowner did the
research and the pests were identified as Bed Bugs and quickly called a
Seattle Pest Control Service to Exterminate the infestation in the home.

How to identify for bed bugs with the experience of pest control

With today's social media a keyword search for bed bugs is the quickest way
to identify or attempt to identify the bed bugs. If unable to do this
search then call a Pest Control professional and give a description of what
has been observed. In this case that would be Seattle Pest Control
exterminator. Mature bedbugs are flat and wingless and reddish brown in color. The pests
can run fast and after a blood meal will turn reddish brown in color.
Adults can live an average of up to 1 year and eat often.

Bed Bug Infestation has positively been identified by professionals

This freaked out Seattle resident learned that this Bed Bug infestation
was definitely brought back to the home as a result of the annual
vacation. The customer was given specific instructions to follow for the
preparation of the extermination process. These steps were to be followed
precisely, in order for the extermination to be successful. Approximately 3
days passed and the client called in the professional bed bug exterminator
to begin the elimination process. First thing the pest control technician
did was to positively identify the bugs to begin the job.

What the Pest Control Experts get rid of bed bugs

A search began in the bedrooms since Bed bugs are likely to be found around
5 feet away from beds.
All bedding got a complete inspection along with the mattress, box spring
and headboards. The technician was very careful in not overlooking the
mattress seams on both sides and under the box spring. Finding live bed
bugs and dark spots is a sure sign there are bed bugs present. If none are
found and someone in the home shows bites all over the body than the pests
are in hiding. The black spots left behind are clearly visible and evidence
the critters are in residence. Other areas to look for bed bugs would be
living room furniture, electronics, bookshelves, anything close to the bed.
All of these steps are part of the Bed Bug protocol that the Seattle Pest
Control expert asked the family to follow in order to exterminate the bed
bug problem.

Pest control explains how the Bed Bugs hopped a ride into the traveler’s home

In this case the Bedbugs hopped a ride as stowaways on luggage, backpacks,
clothing and tote bags and purses. Once inside the bed bugs easily
traveled from room to room in the home. The bed bugs stay close to the
food source. The pests priority spot is in the bed, box spring and
mattress. But will also inhabit the carpet, baseboards, drapes, and even
picture frames. Bottom line is that the bedbugs can be found anywhere in
the infested home or other locations.

The Pest control choice was to call AMPM Exterminators a very reputable company

The Seattle Pest Control company choice was AMPM Exterminators. The
technician identified the invader and made recommendations for eliminating
the problem. Bedbug treatments are extreme and the extermination has to be
done thoroughly and completely. There are many situations where the initial
visit may need more than one treatment. AMPM Exterminators’ professional
technicians explained the protocol of preparation for treatment before
treatment begun. The service also included instructions for after treatment.
The emphasis was put on the fact that it is very important to follow these
instructions precisely as directed. Not adhering to the recommendation may
result in starting the elimination process all over again. The family who
decided to contact a pest control service to be rescued from the Bed Bug
Infestation made a wise choice in opting for AMPM Exterminators who got the
job done.

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