Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Frequently asked questions about bed bugs with answers from a pest exterminators

Question: What pesticides can I use?
Bed bugs are becoming resistant to common pesticides. Pesticides available in stores for use in homes will mostly only kill bed bugs when they are sprayed directly on the bugs. Also, never apply pesticides on top of mattresses or couches
or where children and pets play. We recommend that you leave pesticide applications to a licensed pest exterminators operator.
If you decide to use a pesticide, follow label instructions and make sure that the label says it can be used for bed bugs.
No over-the-counter pesticides are effective against bed bugs
Question: Are bug bombs or insecticide foggers effective?
No, these products can spread hazardous chemicals throughout your home and are not effective against bed bugs. Bug bombs and foggers actually make the problem worse because they can cause bed bugs to scatter to other areas of the house.
Question: Do I need to throw away my mattresses and furniture?
No, throwing your mattress or furniture away will not solve a bed bug problem. If you have bed bugs in your mattress or
couch, they are also living in other places in your house.Any new furniture that you bring into your home will also get bed bugs.Ask your pest control operator if there is anything you need to throw away. Even if furniture
such as a couch has bed bugs, the pest control operator may be able to treat it. If you do need to throw something away, spray paint or write “Bed Bugs” on the item in large letters so that no one picks it up and brings it into their home. Do not get new furniture until the pest control operator has finished treating your home and you are sure that bed bugs are gone.
Question: How can friends and family members avoid bringing bed bugs from my home to theirs?
Bed bugs can travel from one house to another on a person’s clothes or in purses,bags, suitcases, or backpacks. Until you have eliminated bed bugs in your home, we recommend that friends and family members take the following steps when visiting your home:
Do not bring in purses, bags, suitcases or backpacks
If possible, avoid sitting on soft furniture such as couches
They should remove, wash and dry their clothes immediately upon returning home. If they do not have their own washer and dryer,bag clothes in a tightly sealed bag until they can be washed and dried.

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